Two dividend growth monsters that nobody knows about (yet)!

dividend growth stocks
The Dividend Freak highlights two amazing dividend growers

In the new Dividend Freak video two great dividend growth stocks are highlighted: Fastenal and Penske Automotive. Not many people know that these companies have a strong track record and increase the dividend by double digits annually. We also look at the almost 20 dividend hikes in the second and third week of January 2024, including several Aristocrats and two monthly dividend payers.

In yet another great Youtube video from the Dividend Freak Channel almost 20 stocks that announced a dividend hike in 2024 are mentioned, including Dividend Aristocrat Consolidated Edison (ED) and Fastenal (FAST) a dividend growth monster that just hiked its dividend for the 25th consecutive year and now is a Dividend Aristocrats Index candidate. Earlier we mentioned Fastenal as a candidate to be added to the Aristocrats Index in 2024.

The new video also talks about the two monthly dividend companies that have raised their dividend for the 10th and 13th consecutive year. Just check the video to find out more about these high yield dividend growers from the United States.

Another company, besides Fastenal that is, that not a lot of people looking for dividend growth stocks have been thinking about, is Penske Automotive Group (PAG), the $10 billion US car rental company. Penske happens to hike its dividend four times every year, and just announced the first increase for 2024.

Last but not least Dividend Freak expects many dividend hikes the next couple of weeks, including several Dividend Aristocrats such as Kimberly-Clark (KMB), Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) and Chevron (CVX). Last year Chevron hiked the dividend by 6.3%, marking 36 straight years of dividend increases.

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