Host Hotels & Resorts announced big special dividend and 11.1% hike

Host HOtels and Resorts special dividend
A Host Hotels & Resorts property (image: company)

In week 51 the last US listed companies announced dividend hikes, including Dividend Aristocrat Abbott Laboratories. The dividend freak Youtube channel noticed a company that announced a special dividend and hiked the dividend for the 3rd time in 2023.

As always we are blogging about the new Dividend Freak video on Youtube. Check out this week’s top-10 dividend hikes in the United States, led by Host Hotels & Resorts with a new 11.1% dividend hike and a special dividend announcement. The real estate investment trust that owns luxury and upper-upscale hotels. 

Not many people know that Host Hotels and Resorts announced three dividend hikes in 2023 for a total increase of 66.7% to $0.20 quarterly per share, matching the previous record dividend that was paid before the covid pandemic. On top of that a $0.25 per share special dividend was announced by Host Hotels and Resorts.

Another big name raising its dividend is Abbott Laboratories. The healthcare giant is the last Dividend Aristocrat in 2023 to announce a dividend increase. Abbott will pay a record high quarterly dividend of $0.55 per share, up 7.8% from the previous quarterly dividend of $0.51 per share. This marks 52 consecutive years of increased dividends by Abbott. At a stock price of $109 the dividend yield for Abbott Laboratories is 2.1%.

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