The biggest dividend hikes & best dividend stocks in 2023

2023 dividend hikes

The year 2023 ended with a bang, also for most dividend paying stocks. We look at the biggest dividend hikes last year, including the Dividend Aristocrats. 

The Dividend Freak Youtube Channel keeps spitting out great information and data about dividend stocks. This time they compiled a list of biggest dividend hikes in 2023, including many statistics about the broader stock market.

They discovered that more than 800 listed US stocks hiked their dividend in 2023, and that is without the many companies announcing multiple dividend hikes. Also Dividend Freak dives into the Dividend Aristocrats, that underperformed in 2023. Finally they checked the companies that did not raise the dividend in 2023, ending years of uninterrupted dividend growth. 

This includes two Dividend Aristocrats: Walgreens Boots Alliance and C.H. Robinson. This looks painful since C.H. Robinson was added to the Aristocrats Index in 2023 and starts its first year without a dividend hike. The video above was published five days ago on the Dividend Freak Youtube channel.

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