Nestlé is a dividend machine with 25+ consecutive years of increases

nestle dividend history
Nestlé paid a record dividend of CHF 2.95 in 2023 (source: Dividend Freak)

Swiss consumer staples giant Nestlé is one of only a few real Dividend Aristocrats from Europe with more than 25 consecutive years of increased dividends. This year the dividend was hiked by 5% to a new record high of CHF 2.95 per share.

Nestlé has a long and interesting history that dates back to 1866 when the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company was founded by Henri Nestlé. The company first started with baby food products branded as Farine Lactée and entered other markets gradually, in part through acquisitions. In 1929 Nestlé first entered the chocolate business and the famous Nescafé brand was introduced in 1938. In 2018 Nestlé acquired the rights to sell Starbucks coffee products outside the coffee shops in retail stores and online.

Today Nestlé operates worldwide with over 2000 brands in coffee, pet care and food products including many well known brands names such as KitKat, Purina and Nespresso. Nestlé also is a big shareholder in cosmetics giant L'Oréal from France with a 20% stake.

Nestlé is the biggest dividend payer in Switzerland with an annual payment of $8.7 billion. The dividend is now raised 27 straight years and Nestlé did not cut its payment for many more decades. Nestlé is a proud dividend company and displays the full history of its dividend on the company's website. The new Dividend Freak video (see above) shows you a table with all Nestlé dividends since 2001.

Nestlé stock now yields about 3% at a stock price of CHF 98. Next year, in 2024, the next annual dividend will be announced and paid by the Swiss company. It is very likely that this dividend will be CHF 3.00 per share or higher, marking the 28th consecutive year of increased dividends by Nestlé.

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