These two Dividend Aristocrats yield more than 5%

As of September 20, 2019 two Dividend Aristocrats yield at least five percent: AT&T and AbbVie.

Check out the highest yielding and best performing Aristocrats YTD.

Interestingly the highest yielding Aristocrat, AbbVie (ABBV) also is the worst performing Aristocrat YTD with a 18.2 percent loss, dividends included.

AT&T (T) is the other Aristocrat yielding more than 5%. However the telecom- and media giant is one of the best performing stocks this year with a 39% total return.

Seven Aristocrats do even better dan AT&T, led by Target (TGT) with a 65.5 percent total return this year. The average return in 2019 is 19.5 percent. Apart from AbbVie three other Aristocrats are losers in 2019; Walgreens (WBA), Pentair (PNR) and 3M Co (MMM).

The lowest yielding Dividend Aristocrat currently is Roper Technologies with just 0.5%. However the industrial company has gained 35.5 percent YTD as one of the better performing Aristocrats.

Last week McDonald's was the latest Aristocrat to hike its dividend with a 8 percent increase.

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