Six stocks for $100 monthly dividend income

It's possible to get a monthly dividend income of $100 with a portfolio of just six stocks. S&P selected stocks that make two dividend payments combined each month.

A big advantage is the standard quarterly dividend , which can serve as a supplement to your income or can be reinvested for long term capital appreciation.

Standard & Poor's made a selection of strong dividend stocks , and looked at the month the dividend was paid. So, with only six stocks you can receive two dividends per month, spread over the year, since six shares make 24 dividend payments a year. 

If you want to receive $ 100 monthly dividend can buy the following six shares: 100 shares Baxter International , 40 stocks Essex Property Trust , 40 stocks Kinder Morgan Energy Partners , 215 CVS Caremark shares , 80 shares 50 shares ExxonMobil and Chevron. 

The total investment is $ 43,980 , representing a dividend yield of 2.7 %, or $1,200 annual.

Source: S&P Capital IQ

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